Dear Friend,

Look + Listen started in 2002, and was so much fun, and created such an immediate sense of community, that continuing it as an annual festival was the only logical course of action.

Every year since, we have done a festival in the spring (except of course 2020), stepping into new neighborhoods and art spaces, partnering with new artists and old friends, and making music and artistic connections, all with the singular goal of sparking curiosity and interest in contemporary music and art. And always striving to provide a warm, intimate, and accessible setting. We’ve partnered with hundreds of musicians in dozens of creative spaces, blossoming countless artistic connections and lifelong friendships. We’ve seen two decades of contemporary music and art spark curiosity and imaginations in 3-year-olds and 93-year-olds and everyone in-between.

But after 20 years, we bid farewell. Although we know many will miss the annual experience – including ourselves – we now see contemporary music performed in all sorts of spaces beyond the concert hall, and this is super exciting!

Ending the Festival was a difficult and complex decision. L+L has been able to survive this long because of public and private funding, in addition to the free (or very discounted) labor of many. There is no way to properly thank everyone.

Thank YOU for trusting us. Thank you for supporting us. Thank you for believing in us.

-Amanda Cooper, David Gordon, Grace Parisi, and the Look + Listen Board of Directors