The Look+Listen Festival’s office, primary audience and venue partners are situated in the unceded territory of the Munsee Lenape and Canarsie people. We acknowledge that the colonial effects of European-inflicted genocide and the broken treaties of the U.S. government, as well as the stolen labor of enslaved people (Native and foreign-kidnapped) have irrevocably shaped our educational and artistic institutions. Look+Listen acknowledges benefiting from those institutions.



We suggest the following resources: – arts and education center based in Lenapehoking/New York City – Interactive map of American and Oceanian indigenous territory, languages and treaties – Guide to Indigenous land and territorial acknowledgements for cultural institutions – English-written U.S. Government treaty (also known as Fort Pitt treaty) between the first Continental Congress and representatives of the Delaware Nation. This would be violated many times, the most infamous of which occurred by a Pennsylvania militia in Gnadenhutten in 1782, gradually leading to further white settlement in unceded lands expanding westward into Ohio.